Ride-On Toys from Soft Side!

Safer than a trampoline and more fun than a rocking horse, the Li'l Longhorn is a durable heirloom toy that delights, entertains, and strengthens.

Li'l Longhorn Ride-On Bull

Ride On Li'l Horn!

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Ride On with Soft Side Toys!

The ride-on toys you've been seeking are right here at Soft Side Toys! As seen on KXAN-TV, the durable Li'l Longhorn is a blast to "horse" around with, both indoors and out. Made from a soft, high-tech material, our ride-on toys feel as soft as a plush toy. And they're super light because they're filled with air, not plastic or vinyl.

The result is a high-tech hybrid bull riding toy that engages like a rocking horse or trampoline but provides a safe, bouncy energetic ride like a hoppity-hop or hop ball. The Li'l Longhorn also builds core strength, balance, and coordination.

"My kids love it and wouldn't stop laughing...!" - Cindy L., Danville, California

Li'l Horn: Our Flagship Ride-On Toy

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The Li'l Horn, a ride-on bull, is just as tough as he is adorable. His soft horns make perfect handles for little hands, and he's never hurt a rider. For Texas fans, he naturally comes clad in orange...! Li'l Horn is a great gift for any kid who'd enjoy a ride-on toy. No self-respecting daycare or backyard should be without a Li'l Horn.

Why Ride-On Toys Make Great Discovery Toys

Of course, your child's early years are critical for mental and physical development. "Discovery toys" help your child explore his or her environment and interact with the world. Coordination, balance, engagement, confidence, inquisitiveness -- all these attributes are strengthened by products like our ride-on toys.

"We let all of the age groups play with it and they were all attracted to it! They love it." - Robin McThompson, owner, Dragonfly International School

Is Our Ride-On Toy the Same as a Hoppity Hop?

Many of our customers have recognized a similarity between our ride-on toys and the "hippity hop" or "hop ball" soft toys they enjoyed when they were kids. And yes! Our ride-on toys are very similar to these playground favorites. All of these ride-on toys let kids enjoy the sensation of bouncing and defying gravity in a safe way -- although we'd say that our ride-on toys are safer than a round hoppity-hop because, with a non-spherical shape, they are easier to ride! And of course, because they stimulate your child's imagination, they are the perfect fit for every playtime.

"I like that no batteries are required and the kids get out and play." - Roxana D., Austin, Texas